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Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder and need outpatient nutrition counseling from an experienced dietitian? Are you in transition from a higher level of eating disorder treatment and need nutrition monitoring in Spokane, Washington? Do you think you might have disordered eating and need somewhere to start? Tired of dieting and want to change your association with food?

If you are ready to fuel your body for better health and let go of rigid food rules that keep you trapped in fear of what might happen, then it's time for us to meet. Let me help you understand how food can energize your life and free your mind.

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Michelle Weinbender

I have been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) for over 25 years

Having grown up in the 80's, I am now very aware of the weight conscious society I lived in back then. Even today, success is tied to being thin while being overweight represents a lack of will power. I attended Central Washington University majoring in Psychology hoping to work as a school counselor. Once I took a nutrition class as a basic requirement, I was hooked on the concept that weight and nutrition could be managed at a biological level. I added a nutrition degree to my diploma and left CWU ready to take on the world teaching about healthy eating. After working in several settings of food and nutrition, I have settled on the practice of non-diet approach and health at many sizes. My training in clinical nutrition is the backdrop for my treatment approach to disordered eating and chronic disease.

If you are ready to break free from a diet mentality and build a better relationship with food, please contact me.


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Follow up appointments are scheduled weekly or bi-monthly.

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